Notes to LB on how to run meetings:

  1. Put up all the basic information on the web-page and include the URL in the agenda email, so people can read up the information before hand - this will save time in the meeting.
  2. In the agenda email make clear what you want to get out of the meeting, e.g. to take recommendations on how to make custard runnier.
  3. When conducting the meeting, at the beginning, tell ppl how long you expect it to be, and try to keep within the timeframe
  4. Try to make clear whether something is "infomation" (for people to just digest) or an action (somebody is going to do something)
  5. Try to keep to the agenda and tell people to move other matters to the end of the meeting (Normally I have an item on the agenda labelled "other matters"!)
  6. Before you end the meeting, repeat again what each person is meant to do and by when (e.g. LadyBlue will incorporate all your recommendations on making custard runnier for Rames to approve)

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