Smart Cut n' Paste

Did you know that when you select a sentence in Microsoft Word and then cut it into the clipboard, and if there is a trailing space after your selected text, it will also delete that trailing space? It won't delete the space if it's a double-space, but I am in two minds about things like this in MS Word. Is it (a) Incredibly intelligent and convenient for the machine to guess that I wouldn't, couldn't possibly want that extra space and nice of it to delete it for me?; or (b) Another example of borg-like control in the way I write and edit my text?

Is there a way of switching this behaviour off? I don't know for sure, but not as far as I know...

A good friend just pointed out that you can turn it off by "Tools->Options, then select the "Edit" tab and Un-tick "Use smart cut and paste". And then I found this Knowledge Base article.
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PM and wife get peace awards

The Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace has awarded Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife Datin Seri Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamed Ali the “Ambassador for Peace” award for their contributions towards world peace and unity.
The Asian office of the federation, based in Manila, is a UN-affiliated body.
The Star, Malaysia, 19 Sep 2003

This should be good, I guess, exccept for the fact that the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace is a front for the Unification Church (aka the Moonies). Its claim of being a UN-affliated body doesn't mean that the UN sanctions the fedaration, and really, I think (and someone correct me if I'm wrong) that any NGO can apply to be a UN-affliated body.

I tried to find out who the other Ambassador's for Peace in the world were, but I couldn't find it on their webpage but there are at least 3,500 Ambassadors for Peace (as of July 2002), so it isn't exactly an elite club.

The PM can even read papers written by fellow ambassadors on their website in the "Ambassador's Jornal" (sic), including one titled "test".
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Man City 4-1 Aston Villa

With Olaf Mellberg playing centreback this season, Villa have conceeded 3 goals in about 300 minutes of play. For the other 150 minutes without him, the team have conceeded 6 goals. So it isn't without good reason that I (a) point to Olaf's departure as one reason Villa capitulated so easily in the second half; and (b) worry about the long-term defensive frailties if he's not around for the next few games.

Let me first wax elequently about the first half. Villa played well, Angel and Allback causing more than their fair share of trouble up front, and J'Lloyd Samuel doing a stellar job defending and moving forward to help out where necessary. Manchester's City defence was all over the place, looking like a top-heavy ship caught in a gale. That large gaping hole in midfield caused by McManaman's forages upfield didn't help things. Hendrie made some space, lobbed in a cross, and Angel fooled both Seaman and a linesman unaware of the offside rule to head it in. Score at half time: 1-0 to the Villains.

And then, King Kev weaved his magic wand during half time and everything went to pot. Losing Mellberg to a groin strain just before the interval didn't really help things either. Alpay is still some way off his best and I think he was responsible for at least one goal, as well as the general uneasiness around the penalty box. I think Angel, Allback, Samuel and Hendrie played very well, but the rest need to realise when their backs are against the wall and show the determination to not just lean back and give up.

Anyway, the less said about the second half, the better. The defenders couldn't really be held too accountable for not standing up to the constant battering, and the midfield was a little lost when Man City stepped up a gear. Plenty of congratulations to the City, plenty of time on the training ground please for the Villians.

Man City is turning into a real Kevin Keegan team, who can create chances from almost anywhere, but have centrebacks who get pulled out of positions to cover missing fullbacks. They can be truly scary when the have four or five players running into the penalty box at one time, but they will stay a mid-table team with European pretensions if they can't get their defence sorted out.

As for Villa, we need to show a little more creativity in midfield to go with the hard work, as well as a few more reliable centrebacks. If Mellberg is out for a while, we may have just enough cover in Barry and Alpay, but things may get a little shaky.
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Oxford 2 - 0 Southend

With this win, Oxford United is top of Division Three! Well, ok, so it's the third division, and there's still a long way to go if they're going to do their 12,000 seater stadium justice, but hopefully this points to better things.

Here we go, here we go, here we go...
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England 2-0 Liechtenstein

I thought Wayne Rooney was Absolutely Amazing in his in-the-hole role, and England thoroughly deserved to win. I am very, very surprised that a guy so young can play so well in that role, because positioning is so important, and you need some experience for that. On the other hand, he's probably been playing football for more than ten years, so who am I to talk?

The only real cause for gripe is that one Birmingham player made the first eleven (Matthew Upson) and not a single Villa player made the squad. Gah.
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Cool Websites I Like

So, I was watching TechTV the other day (or what Dinesh calls "MTV for geeks") and they had one of these "Wonderful Websites of the Moment" (Nobody write in and tell me what it's really called. I can't really remember. I don't really care). They were talking about the great and then the commentator says something like "...visit this great new website...".

What the h-? IMDB is more than ten years old! It ws one of the first websites I saw that made me think, "Hey, this Internet thing is pretty cool!". I remember wandering around in 1993 when I was still trying to figure out email and Mosaic.

The Internet has thrown out a lot of good things in the last ten years. I'm not just talking about information sites, but websites that provide a service and provide benefit to the community by enabling possibilities. Just because I have time on my hands, here are a list of websites that I thought were pretty cool the first time I saw them, and time proved me right-ish when they made it big (I don't include ones that I like but were already on the radar screen by the time I appreciated them, so sites like Blogger, Yahoo and Google aren't mentioned):

These are all things that are now recognised as cool. There are other websites out there that I think are very cool, but have yet to hit the general consciousness:

What do you think? Do I know what I'm talking about? I know I don't, because I didn't think Amazon was going to make it and I was skeptical about how popular Blogger was going to become. But two out of lots ain't bad.
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This is going up a day late, but it's just because I spent last night watching Lara Croft at the Starlight Cinema, which probably ranks as one of the least patriotic things to do on the nation's birthday. In fact, about the only things I did that were Merdeka-like were to watch a bit of the parade on TV, to hang around KLCC awhile and, when conversation laged a little, to pose the question What does being patriotic mean?

My monologue always begins thus: What does it mean to be patriotic? Is it when you wave a flag? Is it when you sing the national anthem? Is it when you follow your leaders and obey the law?

And then we get to this point: Is it possible for two people to have completely opposite opinions and do completely different things and yet both be patriotic? Is it possible to break the law and be patriotic? Is there an absolute?

The answer is obviously Yes, Yes and No. Being patriotic, like most things in life, is a spectrum with no real absolute, which is what makes it so difficult. It's not easy. It's not straight-forward. Why on Earth do people make it out as if it is?

Just to try and raise debate and some hackles, here are ways to break the law and yet be patriotic:

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